The power of sport: teaching human rights through play


APEA-Acción Por una Educación Activa is a non-profit Bolivian association for the promotion and the defense of children and young people’s rights through recreational-sports activities.
APEA aims to contribute to the development of physical skills, social relationships, emotional and rational intelligence of children, adolescents and young people. It also promotes gender equality and human rights through gaming.
APEA is part of the Red ALAS-América Latina Alternativa Social, TAFISA The Association for International Sport for All y StreetFootballWorld.


THANKS / CREDITS Francesco Foglino, Maya Koshi, Trainers and Children of APEA, Red Alas, Libera, Giulia Poscetti, friends of Pierluigi for the photos

Some videos & photos courtesy of APEA-Acción Por una Educación Activa