Sustainable tourism: the eco sculptures on Lake Titicaca


Martin Stratker is a German sculptor and carpenter. For 14 years he has been building ecological houses with organic and artistic forms with a group of friends. All the eco materials that Martin uses come from the place of construction: stone, earth and wood. In recent years he has planted more than 500 trees on Mount Calvario to further reduce the environmental impact of his buildings and to found one of the first places to do sustainable tourism. Copacabana’s Hostal Las Olas is a unique work where the boundary between sculpture and architecture does not exist, where you can feel the link between the earth and the energy of Lake Titicaca. At 4,000 meters the blue of Lake Titicaca contrasts with the warm and natural colors of the houses.


Martin Stratker, Marcelino Arias, Mario Mendoza, Freddy Chambilla, all the staff of Hostal Las Olas

Some Videos Courtesy of Hostal Las Olas