Traveling Chile with a theater bus school

FAMILIA CARROMATTO: Camillo Giraud, Javiera Acuna Rosati e Olmo

The first and only itinerant Bus Theater in Chile for an audience of 50 people: Mastodonte!
Familia Carromatto (Camillo Giraud, Javiera Acuna Rosati and Olmo) travel on a school bus transformed into a theater to bring comedy shows and fun to remote places where access to culture is more difficult. Mastodonte moves through Chilean Pan-American where there is often only desert. We met in Santa Cruz, south of Santiago de Chile, and we asked: what does it mean to live a buskers’ life on the road?


THANKS / CREDITS Camillo Giraud, Javiera Acuna Rosati, Olmo Giraud Acuna, Maira, Stephanie & Valentina

Some videos & photos courtesy of Familia Carromatto & Co., Camillo Giraud, La Capra Grassa

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