The most important Photography Festival in the world


Since 1955 the WORLD PRESS PHOTO Foundation has protected the freedom of information, investigation and expression as inalienable rights by promoting and protecting quality photo-journalism.

Today the 63rd WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2018 International Exhibition is the most prestigious photojournalism contest in the world, which annually sees the participation of about 6,000 photojournalists from the major international editorial publications such as National Geographic, BBC, CNN, Le Monde, El Pais.

Every year, an international jury selects the best 150 out of 100,000 shots to make up the famous exhibition appreciated by millions of visitors around the world. WORLD PRESS PHOTO represents the excellence of topical photography with the winner of the year “World Press Photo of the Year” and the different categories: Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, General News, Long-Term Projects, Nature, People, Sports, Spot News.

Spago participated in the World Press Photo 2019 Palermo presenting some episodes about environment and human rights. We also created a short video for the event to document we created a video to tell the exhibition set-up and the beauty of Palazzo Bonocore.

World Press Photo Palermo 2018