Spago a Palermo

26 – 29 OTTOBRE 2017

Four evenings in seven different places for a preview of Spago.

A virtual and real journey in the city of Palermo to tell stories about travel, environment and human rights.

We brought our stories to

Arci Porco Rosso – An ARCI space in the heart of the historic center of Palermo, Ballarò, which aims to be an open laboratory for analyzing the conditions of the city, values, contaminations and multiculturalism.

PYC – Palermo Youth Centre è un centro aggregativo gestito su base volontaria da un gruppo di oltre 40 giovani palermitani che hanno fatto propri concetti come solidarietà, volontariato, bene comune, cultura, integrazione, pace e tolleranza.

Moltivolti – Moltivolti is a Sicilian – Ethnic restaurant with bar / cafeteria where it is possible to savor different cultures. Moltivolti is a co-working composed of 18 workstations. Moltivolti is a non-profit association, it is responsible tourism.

Ballarak – Ballarak is a place where beers are the absolute protagonists. Ballarak produces its beers inside the restaurant in the heart of Ballarò and they serve them together with a simple and tasty cuisine.

Bar Garibaldi – Bar Garibaldi continues to be one of the most popular places in Palermo. An anti-fascist, gay friendly, anti-racist space that never fears taking a stand on what happens.

Freschette – The Freschette vegetarian restaurant is an accessible restaurant, genuine and ethical: it works respecting the environment, differentiating, reusing, working with eco-compatible material.

Stato Brado – Stato Brado gathers and hosts educators for human rights and activists, journalists who are invisible to the media, pedantic and in love communicators, fairytale illustrators, graphic designers, geeks of the web from the “old-fashioned” soul.

Seven events in Palermo